Our Story

at Wealth Developer Canada

Our Core Values​

We provide guidance and assistance for individuals and businesses who may have challenges understanding their unique financial needs.  We educate members on how to achieve increased wealth at a pace they control and with affordable products. 

Our Mission

To educate members on how to grow and take control of their finances without negative impacts on their lives.  To motivate everyday Canadians in achieving financial success, even with little to no capital.

Our Impact

We are focused on reaching as many Canadians as we can. We bring restructuring, motivational and financial services. We create lifelong trusting relationships with our members through open, honest and consistent communication.

Complete COVID-19
FInancial Crisis Support

Including Planning for Individuals and Businesses

We provide convenient, confidential and 24/7 access to a virtual service platform. We offer recovery planning for any budget and every unique situation. We can help you make back money lost during the pandemic using knowledge and not risky portfolios.

Legal Protection and Advice

Service Plans Bundled With LegalShield for any Budget

We are pleased to offer LegalShield plans that you can bundle with your financial services or on their own. A LegalShield plan includes speaking to a local attorney on an unlimited number of personal issues. Your attorney can review contracts and draft documents including a legal will. One low monthly payment provides a plan that covers your whole family including pre-existing issues!

Financial Monitoring for Individuals

Planning and Proactive CRA Taxation Monitoring

We offer 24/7 full service accounting for individuals. We monitor your CRA account and provide guidance while protecting you from uncertainties.

Business Account Management

Professional and Innovative Bookkeeping Services

We offer innovative bookkeeping services to develop and grow your new or existing business. Wealth Developer Canada is a 24/7 company and provides accounting on your schedule. Weekly reports are updated in real-time via expense photos.

The world is facing uncertain times and the financial challenges facing Canadians today may continue to increase or change.  We continue to grow our analyst team, and modify our services when necessary, to address these economic changes.
We have our members answer a quick series of questions regarding their current lifestyle and financial state.  We have designed multiple and specific questions they answer that result in a specific and tailored assessment of them.  Our never before used system then creates a unique data profile.  Finally, we factor in more specifics regarding their goals and personal characteristics to create an ultimate plan. The result is us being able to offer affordable professional services in the form of coaching and education that result in financial success. We develop members every step of the way on their financial achievement journey.