Do You Have RRSP’s?

Are You In a Position to Put Money Into RRSP’s Next Season? If so, How Much?

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-Utilizing or cashing in RRSP’s can be an option

-RRSP’s can potentially be a loan for reducing Covid-19 taxes

-We can provide an optimization for 2020 tax burdens from CRA response benefits

-RRSP loan & contributions can save taxes this year and you can move the funds back over 5 years to repay the loan

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RRSP’s are a financial tool that when utilized the right way can benefit you NOW as much as when you retire.  We can help you optimize the right amount to contribute to offset as much 2020 tax burdens including CRA response benefits.  RRSP loans and contributions can save you money this year and the funds can be moved back over 5 years to repay the loan. 

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