The Recovery19.Ca Story

At Wealth Developer Canada we have grown the financial planning and accounting vision of our platform for those affected by the 2020 pandemic. But we still live the same values and our mission remains the same. We motivate and educate Canadians on how to build their financial health through liability awareness and how to turn this knowledge into investment strategies. We encourage you to continue to use our innovative development tools that will fit any budget and are designed for all tax paying Canadians in any bracket. Encouragement is important and it’s just one of the many ways we distinguish ourselves.

Our mission at WDC with Recovery19.Ca is to move Canadians forward and past the depression that is plaguing us into the foreseeable future. We are here to focus you on the life you will be living when we get back to normal. We assist with planning strategies, accounting, legal services and much much more. We also coach our members on how to surpass their quality of life prior to the pandemic. Your recovery roadmap is a few clicks away. We offer a wide range of products including your financial planning guide starting at $19 with no commitment and a 7 day trail. We hope to see you on the members side today!

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